A Round Tuit 2004
photos emailed during 2004 to friends 
who expressed an interest in my photography
recorded at the Grand Can Yawn but so reminded me of the gutted and looted formerly great American companies who have been left in de facto bankrupt financial condition by the criminal thefts of stockholders equity under the euphemism "stock buybacks" that I've been referring to it ever since as a "stockholders meeting"

a common practice of numerous varieties of cactus, this one seen in the garden shop at the Living Desert in Palm Desert CA

critter referred to as "George" by the people running an Arizona dam site during the reign of the sonofaBush
a beartiful day :)
On my earlier web site, I mentioned these photos as needing "a while" before I could locate and post them.  Said I had emailed them in a small version which I wanted to replace with the original high rez versions.  The hassles of locating the high rez versions, posting them on server sites, obtaining the hotlink info, and then creating a web page required more time than I ever had.  I got "a round tuit" because my new domain allows everything to be in one place.  So I simply copied the photos out of my original email file to include here.
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These photos were recorded with my very first digital camera, a 2.1 megapixel Olympus C-700