Shared Photos 2009
photos emailed during 2009 to friends 
who expressed an interest in my photography

shown earlier in the year, my very first grown from a pit apricot tree had filled out to this size by November 18
creosote on right got several weeks of regular watering, the one on left had delayed installation of drippers
On 090516 I got my new Kodak Z980 digital camera with effective recording size of 12 MegaPixels (4112x3032), a lens which in 35 mm equivalency is 26 to 624 mm capable, f2.8 to f5.0, has
optical zoom of 24x with 5x advanced digital for a total zoom range of 120x, image stabilization, automatic shutter speed selection in the range of 1/2 to 1/2000 second or manual shutter speed selection up to as much as 16 seconds.  First photo was the grasshopper at right then all of the photos above.

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