Do NOT Call List
my response to an 070129 illegal telemarketing call with
details of how to use the national Do Not Call Registry

No matter *who* you are, if you call my telephone number, TAD answers and says:
    "Hello.  This is the Nevada office of
    Robert E. Grumbine MBA.  Current
    or prospective clients and established
    suppliers are invited to leave name,
    telephone number and any message
    at the sound of the tone.  I shall
    respond as promptly as possible to
    *such* calls."
The purpose of the announcement is to make clear to callers that they are leaving a message WITH A RECORDING DEVICE and also to make clear that unless they are one of the described kinds of people who know they are authorized to talk to me on my telephone line, that I'm going to consider their trespass on my home and my life to be a criminal violation of my human rights.  "Most" unsolicited and unwelcome callers get the idea and refrain from leaving a message, generally disconnecting even before TAD gets done with his spiel.
However, a standoffish interceptor of all telephone calls is not my only line of defense against fraudulent and abusive "telemarketers" and others seeking to trespass into my home and to steal my time and my life with their bilgifying.  Not hardly.

I promptly sent an email to the indicated saying:  "I elect to be placed on the AT&T Nevada Do Not Call list.  My telephone is    [of course omitted from this public discussion]    This is as per notice in the AT&T Bulletin of September 2006."
Of course I had registered my telephone with the National Do Not Call Registry.  Just to make sure I was still on that registry, I went to their web site

and asked that they verify my presence on the Do Not Call List.

    Subsequently the law has been improved so that registration does not expire. Telephone numbers placed on the National Do Not Call Registry remain on it permanently due to the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007, which became law in February 2008. 

They sent me an email saying:
    Your phone number with the last four digits [omitted from this public discussion] was registered in the National Do Not Call Registry on 7/3/2003.  Most telemarketers will be [were] required to stop calling you 31 days from your registration date.  Your registration will (or did) expire on 7/4/2008.
    Visit to do any of these things:
    --to renew your registration before it expires
    --to file a complaint
Print this email and keep it for your records.
Summarizing what I've said thus far:
    (1) I have a TAD which announces that it is a recording device before any caller has a chance to say anything
    (2) I am registered on the national DO NOT Call registry which applies substantial financial penalties on those scammers who ignore it
    (3) I am also registered with my local telephone company for *their* version of the Do Not Call Registry.
I had a tough day in the office Monday January 29, 2007.  Nothing unusual about that.  I'm in a tough business.  What I do after a hard day in the office is to take an after work nap.  An illegal telephone call woke me from that essential nap at 5:56pm PST.  The unauthorized, unrelated and NON exempt caller proceeded to spew the script shown in the placard at right onto my ever vigilant TAD:
After I had time to transcribe what had been illegally recorded on my TAD, I wrote to my local telephone company (where I had sent the September enrollment) saying:

    Please prosecute those frauds and scammers, who maliciously trespassed into my home with their abusive and illegal telephone call, to the full extent of the law.  Thank you.

History of the
Do Not Call
The telephone was a marvelous invention, generally attributed to Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) a Scotland born immigrant to the United States, in the late 1800s.  With that instrument, a person could talk to a person across the street, across the country, ultimately even around the world, *without* having to "go there" in person to talk.  Miles of copper wire (and more recently fiber optic cable) have been emplaced on poles and more recently underground and undersea to facilitate use of the telephone.
As with any marvelous invention, there are always "some" who figure out ways of using it to abuse humanity.  Queer Worst (the local telephone company in unCoolorado) was one of the worst offenders, aggressively encouraging criminal frauds and thieves and trespassers to use their services and specially designed automated equipment to trash the lives of their own utility customers.  Just before the Do Not Call Registry, I was afflicted with a typical seven or eight foul and abusive telemarketing calls every single day, disrupting my business and my life, preventing legitimate callers from reaching me, and preventing me from making essential outgoing telephone calls.  the common respelling, among its abused customers, of the name of the company involved was EARNED not gratuitous
I was hardly alone in my objections to the frauds and abuses of unsolicited and unwelcome telemarketing calls.  There were enough of us "mad as hell and not going to put up with it any more" that the Federal Trade Commission eventually started a pilot project which turned into the Do Not Call Registry.  I signed up for it as soon as I heard about it (hard to ignore those seven or eight abusive disruptions each day).  By the time the fur started to fly, there were already FIFTY FIVE MILLION of us on the list.
The proponents of criminal trespass via the telephone lines insisted that all they were doing was exercising their "freedom of speech" to say their piece to unwilling listeners subjected to it by forcible entry into private residences and businesses.  The telephone *demands* immediate attention whether convenient or not for its possessor.  There is a substantial difference at law between protected personal speech and COMMERCIAL speech, speech carried on for profit or to induce commercial transactions.  Always has been.
A corrupt judge in the criminally blighted city of Denver unCoolorado ruled, as I expected on the basis of prior observation of the criminal corruption in that cesspool, that there was nothing involved but that Constitutionally protected "freedom of speech" in the vicious trespasses of the users of automated dialing and message spewing devices into the homes and offices of unwilling recipients of those disruptive and often fraudulent telemarketing calls.  Do recall that Queer Worst was a MAJOR local wealth factory and had been doing quite well selling its specialized trespass equipment to abusers of their customers.
The key difference noticed by the 55 million of us who demanded that the trespasses be terminated is that "freedom of speech" is accompanied by the duty to do it from one's OWN SOAPBOX, not by forcible entry into the homes and businesses of others.  Higher courts over ruled the corrupt Queer Worst owned judge.  The Congress passed more legislation to facilitate application of the Do Not Call Registry.  With by then nearing sixty million of us "mad as hell and not going to put up with it any more," even the chronically abrogative sonofaBush signed the legislation.  Since then, the Do Not Call Registry has existed as a line of defense against telephone abuse.
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