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 Palomino Valley album

pretty horses available for adoption at Palomino Valley
 Lassen Volcanic National Park
my 030630 and 070510 tours of Lassen Volcanic National Park between state Hwys 36 and 44 in northeastern California
 Rose Gardens in the Park album
The prettiest sight during my August 2006 tour of southwest Idaho were the roses in Julia C. Davis Park in downtown Boise
 June Lake album

a few miles southwest of Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierras is the necklace of small lakes along CA Hwy 158, "the June Lake Loop"
 Cute Kittens album

cute kittens who have appeared on soft touch Bob's doorstep
 Historical Postcards album

paternal grandma's postcard collection
 Grand Can Yawn album

very colorful display of tricks of Mother Nature working with Old Man River but difficult to visit due to lunatic drivers, obnoxious gate personnel, and swarms of international tourists
 Seal Slaughter album

The brutal activities on St.Paul Island Alaska, fostered by the greed and avarice of a local criminal religion thug, are not for the squeamish
 sssSnakes Alive!
a recent snakely visitor to my Little House, a display of dangerous snakes, snakes at the Living Desert in Palm Desert CA, snakes in the Sierra Safari Zoo north of Reno NV, and a few scenes from the 2007 ssSnakes Alive! exhibit in Reno's Wilbur D. May Museum
 Chicago Illinois
my 1960 and 1980 visits to the "Windy City" in re the deaths of significant relatives who had resided there during their lifetimes
 Winter Fun 
overview of sights in Rancho San Rafael north of downtown Reno NV seen during my 070203 revisit to the Wilbur D. May arboretum, Herman's Pond, and Museum
 Redwoods Natl & State Park album

this park in northern coastal California 
was the first destination sight for my August 2002 Pacific Northwest Tour
 Puente Verde rest area

one of the more interesting rest areas seen in my travels
 Button Collection album

the fascinating tiny works of art, worn as clothing in the pre-homogenization era of American history, which are in the button collection at the Nevada State Museum

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